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Lilith Rose Intuitive Healing  

Energy Healing & Psychic Readings


Meet Michaela 

Over the course of my life's journey, having flirted with death on more than one occasion, I have been gifted a unique perspective of our role in the cosmos and an awareness of the conversation between this universe and each and every one of us. My spirit has been inextricably drawn to deepening my understanding of this conversation and immersing myself in an intuitive, heart-felt relationship with my human experience. I now find myself in the blessed position of being able to hold space for others and guide them towards an understanding of their own universal conversation and how it may serve to empower them on their own miraculous journey.


It is my greatest wish to assist my clients in their journey towards their own healing and self empowerment, through the workings of my gifts (mediumship, clairvoyance and energy work)